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Transform your pet's mundane routine into a feast for the senses with the Pet Lick Mat!


Perfect for promoting health, calming nerves, and providing endless entertainment, it's the ultimate indulgence for your furry friend.



Soothe and Calm with Every Lick

More than just a treat, the Pet Lick Mat doubles as a tool to soothe your pet during stressful times. Licking promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety, making it the perfect companion for vet visits, grooming, or a relaxing day at home.


Healthy Habits Made Easy


The slow feeder design promotes healthy digestion, reducing the risk of overeating and suffocation. So, let your pets enjoy their treats at their own pace, and watch as their health flourishes.


Stick Around

The Pet Lick Mat features an ultra-powerful suction design, with 48 suction cups on the underside that can be firmly attached to smooth surfaces like tile, metal, glass, and marble. So, even the most enthusiastic pups won't be able to knock it over!


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